9 thoughts on “Proverbs 2:6”

  1. We all must DEPEND on Our Heavenly Father, Because he is all knowing , Grace, Mercy, Just, OUR HEAVENLY FATHER…. Sovereign … We are his children, so weather you are young or an elder WE ARE HIS “CHILDREN” and we must obey his word, the Bible is God’s letter to us so we must read it. My favorite is Psalms 19 the entire chapter. I am so Happy to have My Lord Jesus Christ as my savior, Im not perfect not by a long shot ” For all have Fall short to the glory of God” I Am A Sinner, we must go to him as we are, like filthy rags But our Hevenly father Loves us so he Gave his only begotten son Our Lord And Savior Jesus Christ to die on the cross for all our sins so that we could be saved, it is very important to witness to other’s and make them realize that there is only one way to God and thats through Jesus Christ. If you are not saved not only do you die a physical death but you die spiritually and eternally, Complete seperation from God. Think about it…. Brrrrr Very scary!

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