21 thoughts on “John 14:14”

  1. God I really need the financial help for my family and bills and to take care of me while I take the help that I need to be a better person and leader. So I can do the most awesome job for you and the people that reach out to me for help.. Thank you Lord for opening my eyes and the very precious life you have given to me I am forever greatful. And if you could see that I go to the proper location that will have all the tools that I will need to succeed. I am forever greatful Father.???
    P/S A working cell phone & Laptop too would do just joking I have asked for enough ??? Thank You Thank You. Thank You

  2. I pray for those I encountered today, may you Lord, bind what needs to be bound and loose what requires You to loose… In Jesus’ Name amen

  3. Dear Lord I ask that you bless me and my family in this time of anguish and sadness in Jesus name we pray.

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